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A Scottish Christian Heritage
Murray, Iain H.

A Scottish Christian Heritage

ISBN: 9780851519302
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Book Description:

Evangelism had to contend against the current of the age: it was alike denounced by the worlds of literature and fashion. The politically powerful exerted themselves to crush it as mischievous; the gay and dissipated denounced it as morose and intolerant; the widely-spread skepticism of the period characterized it as irrational and absurd; historians have written whole volumes to traduce and vilify it; and genius has striven to render it ridiculous in song.
-Hugh Miller (1802 - 1856)


As various recent publications have indicated, Scotland exercised an influence on world history out of all proportion to its size. But the real reason for this has been obscured. It will be found here, however. And in the discovery of it the reader will be introduced to a wealth of little-known literature that is a vital part of the inheritance of the whole Christian Church.
-Sinclair B. Ferguson

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 408
Author: Murray, Iain H.
Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust
Publication Date: 2006