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Puritan Paperbacks - Justification Vindicated
Traill, Robert

Puritan Paperbacks - Justification Vindicated

ISBN: 9780851518183
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Book Description:

Can sinners really be justified before God by faith alone? If so, can they go on to live as they please?

Robert Traill suffered persecution, exile and prison for faithfulness to the gospel. He shows here, in Justification Vindicated, with rare clarity and grace, that only justification by faith alone, shows sinners the way to a holy God, makes them a holy and obedient people, gives them joyful assurance of acceptance with God.

Table of Contents:
1. The Rise of the Controversy
2. Justification by Faith Alone Not Lawlessness
3. Real Differences on Justification
4. Advantages of the True Doctrine of Justification
5. Disadvantages of the True Doctrine of Justification
6. The Charge of Antinomianism Misapplied
7. 'The Good Old Way of the Protestant Doctrine'
Postscript: The Vital Importance of the Doctrine of Justification


Robert Traill (1642-1716) was a Scottish Covenanter who later served congregations in England alongside his Puritan colleagues.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 77
Author: Traill, Robert
Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust
Publication Date: 2002