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The Sermon on the Mount: Kingdom Life in a Fallen World
Ferguson, Sinclair

The Sermon on the Mount: Kingdom Life in a Fallen World

ISBN: 9780851515199
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Book Description:

The Sermon on the Mount is probably the best known section of the entire Bible. Yet it is also one of the least understood parts of the teaching of Jesus Christ. 'It is not a sermon about an ideal life in an ideal world,' writes Sinclair Ferguson, 'but about the kingdom life in a fallen world.' It answers some of the most pressing questions every Christian encounters: What is a Christian? Does the law of God still have a place in the Christian life? How can I learn to pray? How can I learn self-discipline? Why am I a prisoner of anxiety?

Sinclair Ferguson's The Sermon on the Mount deals with these issues in a crisp, concise, and readable way. It provides an ideal instruction to Jesus' great manifesto for life in his kingdom.

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Table of Contents
1. The kingdom of God has come -Matthew 4:23-5:2
2. What are you before God? -Matthew 5:3-5
3. Filled with righteousness and mercy -Matthew 5:6-7
4. Purity, peace and persecution -Matthew 5:8-12
5. Future blessings now -Matthew 5: 1-12
6. The Christian in the world -Matthew 5: 13-16
7. Jesus, the law, and the Christian -Matthew 5: 17-20
8. The pure in heart. -Matthew 5:21-32
9. Oaths, eyes and enemies -Matthew 5:33-48
10. Life with Father -Matthew 6: 1-8, 16-18
11. How to pray and live -Matthew 6:9-15
12. Anxiety states cured -Matthew 6: 19-34
13. 20/20 vision -Matthew 7: 1-12
14. Choices -Matthew 7: 7-29


Sinclair Buchanan Ferguson held the position of the Charles Krahe chair for Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, and served as pastor to congregations in both Scotland and in the United States. A well-published author with a deep understanding of Scripture, Sinclair Ferguson books range from Child in the Manger, where Ferguson shares the true meaning of Christmas with impeccable scholarship and worshipful adoration, to From the Mouth of God, where he helps readers to trust, read and apply the lessons of the Bible as he answers questions Christians often wonder about.
Sinclair Ferguson's Sermon on the Mount has been called the "perfect blend of scholarship and inspiration…a truly valuable book" by Book Journal, while Devoted to God has been labeled as "brilliant," one "fit to enter the rare company of the Christian classics." Ferguson himself described material found in Devoted to God as "blueprints for sanctification."


Offers the perfect blend of scholarship and inspiration . . . a truly valuable book.'

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 172
Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust
Publication Date: 2023