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The Treasury of His Promises
Miller, J. Graham

The Treasury of His Promises

ISBN: 9780851514727
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Book Description:

The best books of daily readings are those which cause the Scriptures themselves to be studied and prized. This is what The Treasury of His Promises sets out to do for each day of the year. There is help of prayer and evotion but with the aim of leading the reader beyond a few momentary thoughts to the blessings of Christian meditation. Here is guidance to the reading of the Bible itself and avenues of thought on doctrine and practice are opened for further reflection.


A leader among evangelical students in new Zealand in the 1930s, after legal and theological training, J.Graham Miller, with his wife, Flora, went to the New Hebrides in missionary service. Thereafter working for the advancement of the cause of Christ in those islands, and in churches in New Zealand and Australia, Dr. Miller has been widely known and loved. His commitment to the Westminster Confession has rallied a younger generation of Presbyterian ministers in Australia, while his expository preaching has been used of God to the help of many churches, colelges and missionary societies. Graham Miller's book encourages the preayerful reading and exposition of the Word of God. Younger Christians, especially, will be helped.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 366
Author: Miller, J. Graham
Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust
Publication Date: 2001