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The Works of Richard Sibbes - 7 Volume Set
Sibbes, Richard

The Works of Richard Sibbes - 7 Volume Set

ISBN: 9780851513980
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Book Description:

After William Perkins, 'the heavenly Doctor Sibbes' was the most significant of the great Puritan preachers of Cambridge. This reprint of the complete seven-volume set of the Works of Richard Sibbes shows why this is so. Strong thoughts, simple sentences, deep knowledge of the Bible and the human heart and a sure pastoral touch are here revealed in Sibbes' sustained concentration on the glory and grace of God in Christ.

More than anything else, Sibbes was a great preacher. He never lost sight of the fact that the best Christian counselling is done through the patient and lively exposition of the Word of God. Sibbes excelled as a comforter of the troubled and doubting, but he also possessed the rare gift of illuminating every passage of Scripture he handled by drawing out its significance for his hearers and readers. The republication of the Nichol edition of his complete works is a notable event for all who have an appetite for helpful and faithful biblical preaching.

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Table of Contents:
Volume 1
   Memoir of Sibbes by A B, Grosart
   Description of Christ
   The Bruised Reed and Smoking Flax
   The Sword of the Wicked The Soul's Conflict with Itself and Victory over Itself by Faith
   The Saint's Safety in Evil Times and other sermons, including a series on 1 Peter 4
Volume 2
   Bowels Opened (Sermons on the Song of Solomon 4-6)
   The Spouse's Earnest Desire after Christ
   A Breathing after God
   The Returning Backslider
   The Glorious Feast of the Gospel
Volume 3
   An Exposition of 2 Corinthians 1
Volume 4
   A Christian's Portion
   The Spiritual Man's Aim
   A Glance of Heaven
   The Excellency of the Gospel above the Law and other sermons, all on texts from 1 & 2 Corinthians
Volume 5
   Expositions of texts and portions of the other Epistles of Paul, including Christ's Exaltation Purchased by Humiliation
   Salvation Applied
   The Fountain Sealed
   The Fountain Opened
Volume 6
   Josiah's Reformation
   The Saint's Comforts
   The Rich Poverty or The Poor Man's Riches and several other sermons, including The Bride's Longing (on Rev 2220)
Volume 7
   Miscellaneous sermons and other writings of Sibbes
   Bibliographical list of editions of his writings  
   Indexes of persons named, topics discussed and texts expounded


Richard Sibbes (1577-1635), English Puritan, was appointed a lecturer at Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge in 1610. Later, through the influence of friends, he was chosen to be the preacher at Gray's Inn, London, and he remained there until 1626. In that year he returned to Cambridge as Master of St Catherine's Hall, and later returned to Holy Trinity, this time as its vicar. He was granted a Doctorate in Divinity in 1627, and was thereafter frequently referred to as 'the heavenly Doctor Sibbes'. He continued to exercise his ministry at Gray's Inn, London, and Holy Trinity, Cambridge, until his death on 6 July 1635 at the age of 58.

Additional Information:

Cover: 7 Hardcover Volumes
Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust
Publication Date: 2023