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What is the Reformed Faith?
DeWitt, John R.

What is the Reformed Faith?

ISBN: 9780851513263
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Book Description:

In this booklet John Richard de Witt explains the great hallmarks of the Reformed faith - the centrality of the Bible; the sovereignty of God; the wonder of grace; the quality of the Christian life; the place of the law and the gospel; the biblical view of the world; the importance of true preaching. In doing so he demonstrates that the Reformed faith is biblical Christianity in its truest and most consistent form.

Far from being an anachronism, the Reformed faith alone gives adequate expression to the gospel for today's world.

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Dr. John R. De Witt has been a minister of the gospel for over 50 years. He was professor of church history and systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, from 1975-1982, and has served congregations in Paterson (New Jersey), London, Kingstree (South Carolina), Memphis (Tennessee) - where he was senior minister of Second Presbyterian Church for 10 years - and Grand Rapids (Michigan). He also pastored First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC. In 2009 he was the moderator of the General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Additional Information:

Cover: Booklet
Number of Pages: 31
Publisher: Banner of Truth Trust
Publication Date: 2015