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All on a Mountain Day
Fisher, Aileen

All on a Mountain Day

ISBN: 9780739901212
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Book Description:

In the Rocky Mountains, the wild folk of the mountainside are stirring before dawn has driven the stars from the sky. Risks and adventure await them, for they must leave the security of their nests and burrows and sally forth to find food for themselves and their young.The paths of nine animals cross during the day. The Coyote and Bobcat hunt to feed their young, while the Snowshoe Rabbit, Grouse, Pack Rat, Fawn, Water Ouzel, and Marmot must outwit the hunters with all the instincts God has given them.
Meanwhile the little Porcupine, deserted by her mother, begins her first day of living alone and goes her independent way. When a thunderstorm bursts over the mountain, each animal must seek protection for itself and its family from another important part of life in the wild - the elements.The writer, who knows well the setting and characters of her story, portrays to us the marvels of God's design and plan for His creatures.

This book will captivate readers in the fourth grade and up who enjoy nature. Many younger children want it read to them over and over again. Also available is another well-written and captivating book by the same author, titled Trapped by the Mountain Storm.

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 132
Author: Fisher, Aileen
Publisher: Rod and Staff Publishers
Publication Date: 1956