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Daryl Borrows a Brother
Sensenig, Janet M.

Daryl Borrows a Brother

ISBN: 9780739900819
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Book Description:

One great longing of Daryl's is being fulfilled. He and his parents are moving to a farm-a real farm in the country! Rocky, Daryl's pet goat, his rabbits, and Sheba, the dog, are all going along, and when the are settled in the country, Father is planning to get more animals. Daryl tosses his cap into the air in excitement.

But all these anticipations do not satisfy the greatest desire hidden in Daryl's heart. The loneliness and longing is always there for a brother or a sister. Daryl is the only child in his family. Every night Daryl asks God to give him this one wish, if it is God's will.

Father and Mother have taught him that God is the one who gives and takes life, who hears our prayers and decides what is best for us. Daryl finds this out in a very real way as living on a farm in the country becomes a reality, and many new and unexpected experiences come into his life.

His prayer is answered in a way he never imagined it would be, and that answer brings some happenings that are both joyful and sad.

If Daryl does not have all that he wants, he does have two of God's greatest blessings - Christian parents and a Christian home where he is loved and cared for and taught life's most important lessons.

 Children will enjoy reading this interestingly written book about Daryl's life on the farm and about God's unusual answers to his prayer.

Written for primary-aged children, but those older and younger will also find it interesting.

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 167
Author: Sensenig, Janet M.
Publisher: Rod and Staff Publishers
Publication Date: 1989