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Across the Rose Hedge with Aunt Merry
Landis, Mary M.

Across the Rose Hedge with Aunt Merry

ISBN: 9780739900758
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Book Description:

Aunt Merry is a sweet old grandmother.

Across the rose hedge on one side of her house live Harold and Hilda Happy. Peter and Polly Potter live on the other side. The children often come across the rose hedge to visit Aunt Merry and do helpful things for her. They love her and she loves them. There are a few problems though, especially with Peter and Poly, who have not been taught kindness and unselfishness and courtesy. This troubles Aunt Merry, and she tries to teach them some things that will make them sweeter children. Although Harold and Hilda do not know it, they have a lot to do with Peter and Poly learning the lessons Aunt Merry tries to teach them.

This is a storybook teaching common courtesies to primary-aged children.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 134
Author: Landis, Mary M.
Publisher: Rod and Staff Publishers
Publication Date: 1995