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Preschool G-H-I - Learning More and More
Rohrer, Martha

Preschool G-H-I - Learning More and More

ISBN: 9780739900208
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 Publisher's Description:

Learning More and More, with an ocean theme, reviews using eleven colors, counting and writing numbers 0 through 12, identifying and drawing six shapes, matching and writing letters, as well as hearing some rhyming and beginning sounds. Learning more includes counting by 1s and 2s to 100 (or more), counting pennies, identifying numbers for 12 hours on a clock, matching capital and small letters of the alphabet by matching sea animals on blocks, and mixing paint colours. The other six habitats of this series are briefly reviewed using water scenes.

The Preschool G-H-I Series is designed to follow the Preschool A-B-C Series and to aid in giving helpful initiative in building scholastic foundations for preschool children. These 64 page workbooks provide excellent opportunities for parent-chldren interaction.

Each book in the series uses a different habitat theme including woodlands, mountains, deserts, grasslands, and the ocean, giving a geographic awareness and exalting God as Creator.

    G  - Going on Eagerly, with a polar theme
 H  - Hearing and Helping, with a rain forest theme
    I   - Inside and Outside, with a woodland theme
    J   - Just Thinking and Choosing, with a mountain theme
    K  - Keep Doing It Carefully, with desert and grassland themes
    L  - Learning More and More, with an ocean theme

Additional Information:

Cover: Booklet - 9" x 12"
Number of Pages: 64
Author: Rohrer, Martha
Publisher: Rod and Staff Publishers
Publication Date: 2015