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Rethinking Sexuality: God's Design and Why it Matters
Slattery, Juli

Rethinking Sexuality: God's Design and Why it Matters

ISBN: 9780735291478
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Book Description:

This ground-breaking resource challenges and equips Christians to think and act biblically and compassionately in matters of sexuality.

Sexual abuse, sex addiction, gender confusion, brokenness, and shame plague today's world, and people are seeking clarity and hope. By contesting long-held cultural paradigms, this book equips you to see how sexuality is rooted in the broader context of God's heart and His work for us on earth. It provides a framework from which to understand the big picture of sexual challenges and wholeness, and helps you recognize that every sexual question is ultimately a spiritual one. It shifts the paradigm from combating sexual problems to confidently proclaiming and modeling the road to sacred sexuality. Instead of arguing with the world about what's right and wrong about sexual choices, this practical resource equips you to share the love and grace of Jesus as you encounter the pain of sexual brokenness-your own or someone else's.


DR. JULI SLATTERY is a recognized expert in the integration of biblical truth and sexuality. She is a clinical psychologist, author, and speaker, with over twenty-five years of experience counseling, discipling, and teaching women. Juli holds degrees in psychology from Wheaton College (BA), Biola University (MA), and Florida Institute of Technology (MS and PsyD).
From 2008 to 2012, Juli worked at Focus on the Family where she was a co-host on the Daily Broadcast. In 2012, she co-founded Authentic Intimacy with Linda Dillow. She hosts a weekly podcast (Java with Juli), blogs, speaks, and writes about the intersection of sexuality and the Christian life.
Juli and her husband, Mike, have been married since 1994 and have three sons. Juli is a member of the board of Trustees at Moody Bible Institute.


"Tragically, secular values about sexuality have become integrated into every possible aspect of life. It is frightening, and as moms and leaders, we don't know how to undo the damage done to hearts, minds, and lives. Dr. Juli Slattery arrives with hope! Rethinking Sexuality brings answers to our cries of 'Teach me how to sexually disciple my children' and 'Help me better disciple my church!' I need this book! And I highly recommend it to you!"
--Linda Dillow, speaker and author of Passion Pursuit and Intimate Issues

"If you're anything like me, you've never expected to see the two words sexual and discipleship purposely paired together. But get ready for a whole new paradigm in this incredibly important book. Dr. Slattery is, in my opinion, one of the most articulate, thought-provoking, clear-thinking writers and speakers on genuine intimacy on the planet. Forget the toaster as a wedding gift. Give this book to newly married couples who have grown up in our sexual wasteland of a world. And make sure you and your spouse devour this book as well, like my wife, Cindy, and I did. Juli is right-we are all sexually broken in some ways. Here's where healing and health can begin."
--John Trent, PhD, author and president of, Gary D. Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Ministry and Therapy at Moody Theological Seminary

"At a time when well-intentioned Christians are veering into dangerous error, Dr. Juli Slattery is the expert I trust to balance grace and truth in explaining God's plan for human sexuality. Like no other expert on this topic, Dr. Slattery combines education, compassion, professional qualification, and biblical conviction to chart a practical path forward."
--John S. Dickerson, author of Hope of Nations and lead pastor of Connection Pointe Christian Church

"My friend Juli Slattery has dedicated her life to helping men and especially women navigate the often intimidating landscape of human sexuality. She does this with grace, empathy, wisdom, and a deep understanding of God's divine design for sex as outlined in Scripture. This book will encourage and inspire you-and when was the last time you could say a book about sex did that?"
--Dr. Greg Smalley, vice president of marriage and family formation at Focus on the Family

"Dr. Juli Slattery has once again reminded us why she is our generation's leading expert on human sexuality and questions of intimacy. Rethinking Sexuality is as biblically faithful as it is riveting. The illusion of sexual freedom has only made true intimacy more elusive for our culture. Juli reminds us that healing begins when we look upward. Rethinking Sexuality is a must-read for every pastor in America who desires to marry sound theology with compassion and wise action!"
--Chris Brooks, MA, campus dean of Moody Theological Seminary, Michigan

"The apostle Paul warned us about getting squeezed into the world's mold, and it would be hard to find a bigger or more addictive 'mold' than the sexual one. We are pounded with the world's teaching on sexuality from every quarter, every day. Yet the body of Christ remains befuddled and appears powerless before the onslaught. Juli is calling us to action…to know and live and teach the positive case for true sexuality. As she says: 'It's time to reclaim sexuality as a holy expression of God's goodness and love.' I couldn't agree more."
--Dr. Del Tackett, author and teacher, The Truth Project and Is Genesis History?

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 214
Publisher: Multnomah Books
Publication Date: 2018