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CD: Instrumental Melodies
Knevel, Andre

CD: Instrumental Melodies

ISBN: 8716114014421
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Product Description:

Andre Knevel: organ and piano
Stephanie Numan Scholman: Violin

1. Introduction Choral Psalm 79
2. Romanze (from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik)
3. Themes (from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik)
4. Cantata 147 'Jesu Men's Desire'
5. Largo from 'Concerto winter'
6. Praise the Lord with Cymbals
7. Air from 'Orpheus'
8. Meditation from Bach's first prelude
9. Sinfonia 'Arrival of the Queen of Sheba'
10. Air on the G-string
11. Panis Angelicus
12. Adoration
13. Prelude (opus 28/5)
14. Andante religioso
15. 'Vaste Rots van mijn behoud' (Dutch Choral)
16. Hymne Psalm 75
17. Meditation 'Rust mijn ziel, uw God is Koning' (Dutch Choral)
18. 'Abba Father'

Additional Information:

Cover: CD
Author: Knevel, Andre
Publisher: Crescendo Classa