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The Christian Father at Home: A Manual of Parental Instruction
Brownlee, W. C.

The Christian Father at Home: A Manual of Parental Instruction

ISBN: 1889058106
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Book Description:

The vocation of "Father" is to be employed with the full certainty that God will bless the fruit of his labors as he seeks to interfere for good in the spiritual development of his children. Published in 1837, W.C. Brownlee, from the Collegiate Protestant Reformed Dutch Church of New York, demonstrates with the clearest of instruction, how The Necessity of Salvation, and The Way of Salvation are to be nurtured and applied in the life of one's Covenant children. Written in both a simple and interactive discussion, between father and child, this book is an excellent and timeless guide for youthful instruction. From cover to cover, no doctrine is compromised, no sin is watered down, Christ's atonement is not minimized, and sanctified gospel living is not neglected.

Table of Contents:
Book I: The Necessity of Salvation
Part 1 -- From the fact of Man's universal guilt and depravity. Here we carry the young student into the field of actual inspection - to the system of nature - The proceedings of Divine Providence, in the judgments of God upon the earth. - All these clearly indicate that God is angry with us - Hence the need of a Savior to make an atonement for us.
Part 2 -- We next carry the young student to the Holy Scriptures - Adam our federal head, and representative - An anecdote to illustrate this - Proof of the doctrine of Adam's headship - from Scripture - from God's dispensations in regard to infants - the reasonableness, as well as truth, of this doctrine - Fatal danger of setting this doctrine aside - Objections noticed - Appeal to the consciences of children.
Part 3 -- From the consequences of Adam's first sin, and our fall in him - The state of man is, 1st, A state of sin and guilt -2d. A state of misery - Two things that will infallibly keep man out of heaven - First, Guilt - Second, The dominion and pollution of sin - The true idea of pardon - The pardon of God, not like the pardon of a criminal by a civil magistrate - man's condition of sin and misery beyond the remedy of man. Hence the necessity of Salvation, in order to man's peace and happiness.
Book II: The Way of Salvation
Part 1-- Salvation not by man's own doings, but by a substitute, and in that mode alone - Explanation of this - Objections reviewed - On the supposition that man were to enter the arena and satisfy for himself before God - What he behoved to do - Three impossibilities he must encounter - Room was left for the intervention of a substitute - Proof - The truth of substitution shown - An inquiry into the things which our substitute behoved to do, in order to save us - Seven things shown to be essentially necessary for him fully to do.
Part 2 -- Having shown that a door was opened for the intervention of a substitute, on the most honourable footing, - and having shown what it behoved the substitute to do - it is now shown that the Lord Jesus Christ is that substitute - Proof - A minute inquiry into the various parts of his finished work, The Seven things that were required of him, it is proved that he has fully accomplished.
Part 3 -- Having shown how Christ opened up the new and living way, - it is necessary to know how we are brought into this way, - and made to walk in it - An inquiry into the mode of the effectual application of this finished work of Christ, to us - Our guilt and pollution - Our utter inability on our part - We have ability, but it is given unto us - God's right to command those whose guilt has disabled them to obey by any human effort - View of God's work of grace, - and man's agency in the way of duty - Our regeneration - our faith - our mode of Justification - our guilt taken away - The nature of our sanctification - hence the dominion, and pollution of sin taken away - Two parts in sanctification - the agents of it - means of it - Appeal to the conscience - Prayer - Hymn - The denouement - the incidents in the life of the members of this family, after the decease of their parents.

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Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 252
Publisher: Old Paths Publications
Publication Date: 2000