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Ourselves: On the Journey to Freedom
North, Brownlow

Ourselves: On the Journey to Freedom

ISBN: 1871676045
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Book Description:

The story of the children of Israel is a graphic, exciting adventure. It's a story of struggles, of triumphs and of disasters. It's a story of human beings and their relationship with God. The great 19th century evangelist, Brownlow North, tells of the pilgrimage of the children of Israel and shows how it mirrors the spiritual pilgrimage of Christians today.

1. Our Bondage
2. Tidings of Deliverance
3. The Demand; Its Reception: The Promise
4. The Conflict
5. The Four Compromises
6. The Four Compromises
7. The Beginning of Days
8. God's Way of Salvation
9. God's Way of Salvation
10. God's Way of Salvation
11. The Exodus
12. The Destruction - The Deliverance
13. The Song of Praise - The Bitter Water
14. No Bread - No Water
15. The Christian Warfare
16. The Fleshpots
17. Unbelief
18. Conclusion

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 232
Author: North, Brownlow
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Publication Date: 1989