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A Remarkable Shipwreck and other Christian Stories

A Remarkable Shipwreck and other Christian Stories

ISBN: 100008
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Book Description:

A collection of fourteen short stories for children and young people.

Young readers as well as adults will enjoy these clearly written stories, poems, and inspirational accounts which strongly reinforce the gospel message as well as witness to the truth that the Lord cares for His own.

Among the selections are: Love Your Enemies, The Hurt of Helping, What a Regret If It Had Been Different, The Young Sailor, A Strange Journey, In the Midst of Flames, When the City Wall Fell, The Spider, Little Pauline's Goodnight Kiss, and How the Lord Answers Prayer.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 74
Publisher: Netherlands Reformed Book and Publishing Company
Publication Date: 1998