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The Black Phantom of Ravenhurst
Van de Hulst, W.G.

The Black Phantom of Ravenhurst

ISBN: 0888155476
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Book Description:

Was the driver of the cart full of branches really asleep or was he only pretending?

Why did big farmer Thune shiver in his bed at night?

And what about that groaning wail that howled across the fields when the moon rose above the forest?

How could that black figure vanish from the mill without leaving tracks in the snow?

Why did Alma lock herself in the tower chamber to stare at the castle gate and wait?

Who had hung that dead raven on the bent nail above Thune's door? And why?

The abandoned mill held some dark, shadowy secret, but what was it?
These questions and many more churned through Peter's mind as he stared into the fire.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 156
Author: Van de Hulst, W.G.
Publisher: Paideia Press
Publication Date: 1982