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Lamplighter Collection - The Locked Cupboard
LeFeuvre, Amy

Lamplighter Collection - The Locked Cupboard

ISBN: 9781584742326
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Book Description:

The four Dane sisters must leave the home in which they have been raised. Though their cousin secretly convinces his aunt to revise her will shortly before her death, they will not leave empty-handed! Aunt Mildred has provided a modest annual stipend for each sister and their godly nurse Nannie gives each sister a special verse from Psalm 37. Only a small country home is within their means, so Gwen finds the perfect little cottage for them. But the owner imposes one mysterious condition: a beautifully carved cupboard in his study must never be opened by the new tenants! What secret hides within the carved cupboard? Will Nannie’s scripture provide the key to unlock it? As you discover the answers to these questions, you will also learn key lessons with Agatha, Gwen, Clare and Elfie: to commit your way to the Lord, and to trust and rest and delight in Him.

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 198
Author: LeFeuvre, Amy
Publisher: Lamplighter Publishing
Publication Date: 2020