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Lamplighter Collection - The Jewel

Lamplighter Collection - The Jewel

ISBN: 9781584742654
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Book Description:

Read no further if you are picking up this book for a bit of light reading.

A.L.O.E. has created a deep and thought-provoking masterpiece worth time and consideration. Not following one particular protagonist, The Jewel is a story that highlights, not an individual person, but an object-a jewel! This lost jewel passes through the hands of numerous characters, and each time it is lost because of the lure of sin and ease of foolishness.

The author draws a compelling comparison between this jewel of great value and our own souls. Maurice Somers truly understands this, and he struggles to guard his own soul against those who would rob him of the greatest treasure of all.

By the time you reach the end of this story, you will have placed a new value upon the worth of your soul!

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 184
Publisher: Lamplighter Publishing
Publication Date: 2018