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The Woman with the Book
Mijnders, M.A.

The Woman with the Book

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Book Description:

Before she knew what was happening, a British girl found herself sitting in a mid-week church service. Never again would her life be the same. The Lord not only showed her His mercy, but also filled her with compassion for others and called her to China. Her journey through life brought her in contact with Russian officers, Japanese troops, and Chinese soldiers; mule-trains, monks, a Mandarin, orphans, and prisoners. In service to her great Master, Gladys Aylward suffered and yet abounded, was weak and yet strong, lacked wisdom and yet was led in wonderful ways.

The author of this book was a close friend of Gladys Aylward. She had access to many original sources which enabled her to trace Aylward's life in a fresh, captivating and very edifying way, for both young and old.

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 308
Author: Mijnders, M.A.
Publisher: Bonisa
Publication Date: 2009