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Next Children's Story Hour: Tuesday, March 12
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Our Only Comfort: Daily Devotions through the Heidelberg Catechism
Shaffer, Stephen

Our Only Comfort: Daily Devotions through the Heidelberg Catechism

ISBN: 9781725298736
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Book Description:

In a fast-paced world full of distractions, how do we create space to have conversations about faith? Parents long to talk about Jesus with their children, but are unsure where to begin. Families want to slow down and reconnect with what matters most, but struggle to squeeze anything into already busy schedules. Teens and adults desire to go deeper in their faith, but are filled with unanswered questions.

In Our Only Comfort, Rev. Stephen Shaffer provides individuals and families with a helpful structure for growing in Christian faith. In a series of 364 daily devotions, Our Only Comfort will take families, young adults, and new believers through the core teachings of the Christian faith through the lens of the Heidelberg Catechism.

Wrestling through questions like "Who is Jesus?" "How do I pray?" and "What does it mean to keep the Ten Commandments?" these short devotions create opportunity for conversations about faith between parents and children and provide nourishment for faith to grow.


Stephen C. Shaffer is the pastor of Bethel Reformed Church in Brantford, Ontario.


"This is a book for which I've been longing--a biblically rooted, theologically rich, warm and engaging invitation into the Christian faith that I will without a doubt use in my own home, share with my church and children's minister, and incorporate into my teachings on the importance of creative, thoughtful contemporary catechesis. Stephen Schaffer joins a larger movement of Christians exploring what wisdom we can glean from those who've gone before us in the faith. With this devotion, he offers the classic wisdom of the Heidelberg Catechism in a form that, by God's grace, can and will bear real fruit today."
--Kristen Deede Johnson, Dean and Vice President of Academic Affairs and Professor of Theology and Christian Formation, Western Theological Seminary

"Stephen Shaffer is an exceedingly bright and faithful pastoral theologian in the great tradition of John Calvin. This beautiful piece on ways of utilizing the Heidelberg Catechism in our crazy and mixed-up culture will be a gift to everyone who reads it and a terrific resource for everyone who deploys it in their own home. In his Third Epistle, John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, shared the longing of every parent and pastor, 'I have no greater joy than to know that my children are walking in the truth.' Schaffer has written a book that will help every reader experience that joy."
--Timothy L. Brown, President Emeritus and Henry Bast Professor of Preaching, Western Theological Seminary

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 219
Publisher: Wipf & Stock
Publication Date: 2021