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Hidden: Stories of War and Peace
Farenhorst, Christine

Hidden: Stories of War and Peace

ISBN: 9781646336272
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Book Description:


Unprecedented violence is erupting not only in far-away places like the Middle East, but also nearby in the parking lots of big-box stores and the pews of worshipping believers. Society at war is nearing a tipping point.

Parallels, from the unspeakable chaos of Europe enflamed in WW II to our own perplexing times, are striking as we see every-day Calvinists, in solidarity with the least of these, burning in the furnace, discovering a fourth man in the fire, and emerging without a hint of smoke on their long white robes.

Dedicated to Charles Spurgeon and Martyn Lloyd-Jones-this book will touch your heart and point your family to a hiding place from the harrowing days pounding on our own front doors.


In addition to publishing numerous outstanding books, Christine Farenhorst is also a columnist for Reformed Perspective and a contributing writer for Christian Renewal. She and her husband, Anco, have FIve children, nineteen grandchildren, a dog, and twelve chickens.


"These stories are gripping. In part due to the dramatic period of history in which they are set but especially due to the engaging way Christine Farenhorst tells them."
--R. Andrew Compton Asst. Prof. of Old Testament Mid-America Reformed Seminary

"The hero of this WW II story isn't a resistance fighter or soldier, and the bravery involved isn't big or bold. But quiet heroics are heroics still, and what Christine has crafted her is a story to inspire all of us called to everyday, on-going faithfulness."
--Jon Dykstra, Editor Reformed Perspective

"The book you are holding in your hand is, in my opinion, the high-water mark of Christine's accomplishments . . .. The actual beauty of this book is that she has captured a very real component . . .. That component is the way in which the Sovereignty of God often comes into play into the lives of people in the most unexpected ways bringing about unanticipated results under very trying circumstances."
--Heinz G. Dschankilic, Former Publisher for Joshua Press

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 303
Publisher: NSM Press
Publication Date: 2020