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The Evil of Evils
Burroughs, Jeremiah

The Evil of Evils

ISBN: 9781601787477
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Book Description:

The Evil of Evils printed in 1654, consists of sixty-seven short chapters that expose sin and urge believers to choose affliction over sin. Burroughs organizes his material around seven major thoughts:
    (1) there is more evil in the least sin than in the greatest affliction;
(2) sin and God are contrary to each other;
    (3) sin is directly against our good;
    (4) sin opposes all that is good;
    (5) sin is the evil of all other evils;
    (6) sin has infinite dimension and character; and
    (7) sin makes us comfortable with the devil.

This treatise is invaluable for sensitizing our consciences to the 'exceeding sinfulness of sin' (Rom. 7:13).


Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646) was a member of the Westminster Assembly and a prominent preacher among Congregationalists. Several of his works have been reprinted by Soli Deo Gloria Publications.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 345
Author: Burroughs, Jeremiah
Publisher: Soli Deo Gloria Publications
Publication Date: 2019