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An Able and Faithful Ministry: Samuel Miller and the Pastoral Office
Garretson, James M.

An Able and Faithful Ministry: Samuel Miller and the Pastoral Office

ISBN: 9781601782984
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Book Description:

Samuel Miller (1769 - 1850) played an integral part in founding Princeton Theological Seminary, which became one of the most influential training grounds for Presbyterian ministers in the nineteenth century. While Miller is most commonly remembered for his writings on church office, he also played a significant role instructing students and shaping their theology of preaching and pastoral ministry.
In the present volume, Jim Garretson highlights the narrative of Miller's life and the major ministerial emphases found in his published writings, sermons, and unpublished lecture notes. As a result, readers will come to know the spiritual convictions of Miller's heart and understand the theology of ministry he imparted over the course of his lifetime.

Table of Contents:
Part One: Life and Ministry
  1.Heritage of Piety
  2.Pastoral Ministry in New York City: 1793 - 1803
  3.Pastoral Ministry in New York City: 1804 - 1813
  4.Plans for a Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  5.An Able and Faithful Ministry
  6.Seminary Professor: 1813 - 1850
  7.Confessional Churchman
  8.Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  9.Gospel Promises and The Hope of Christian Missions
Part Two: Theological Foundations for the Gospel Ministry
  1.The Importance of the Gospel Ministry
  2.The Importance of Mature Preparatory Study
  3.Sermon Preparation: An Introductory Overview
  4.Preparation of Sermon: Texts
  5.Preparation of a Sermon: Style
  6.Preparation of a Sermon: Parts of a Discourse
  7.Holding Fast the Faithful Word
  8.Spiritual Weapons for a Spiritual Battle
  9.Preaching the Gospel in Great Cities
  10.A Theology of Public Worship
Part Three: Ministerial Deportment and the Work of the Christian Ministry
  1.Clerical Manners and Habits
  2.Final Days
  3.A Life Well Lived


 James M. Garretson serves as ministry director for the Christian union at Harvard Law School.

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 425
Author: Garretson, James M.
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Publication Date: 2014