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The Holy Spirit and Reformed Spirituality
Beeke & Thomas: editors

The Holy Spirit and Reformed Spirituality

ISBN: 9781601782700
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Book Description:

How does God bring His Word into our lives? The answer is: by the Holy Spirit. By the Spirit the Word was revealed and written. By the Spirit the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. By the Spirit the Word roots itself in the hearts of sinners and produces fruit. Calvin recognized long ago that the Holy Spirit is the bond of union between believers and Christ. Jonathan Edwards said that the Spirit is the sum of all Christ bought for His people with His precious blood. How precious then is the Spirit, and how important to know Him and His ways!

In this book, a team of pastor-theologians uncover the rich biblical teachings about the work of the Holy Spirit. How was the Spirit involved in the human life of Jesus Christ? What is a spiritual person? How does the Spirit open the mind of sinners to trust in Christ? What does it mean to serve God in the power of the Spirit? How does the Spirit's sovereign work relate to our responsibility in evangelism? These questions and more are addressed in this book.

Table of Contents:
Part I: Geoff Thomas: A Faithful Instrument of the Spirit
   1. Hugh Geoffrey Thomas: A Biographical Appreciation - Gary Brady
   2. A Minister Who Has Produced Ministers - Paul Levy
Part II: Salvation and the Spirit of Christ
   3. The Spirit and the Word Incarnate: John Owen's Trinitarian Christology - Carl Trueman
   4. The Relation of the Righteousness of God and the Spirit of God in Romans 1-8 - Sam Waldron
   5. The Illumination of the Holy Spirit - Joel Beeke
   6. The Holy Spirit and Human Responsibility - Fred Malone
Part III: Growth and the Spirit of Holiness
   7. A Gracious Willing Guest: The Indwelling Holy Spirit - David Jones
   8. John Owen on the Spirit's Ministry in Guarding the Believer's Heart - Michael Haykin
   9. Professor John Murray and the Godly Life - John J. Murray
   10. Living by the Spirit's Sanctifying Ministry - Ian Hamilton
   11. John Owen and Spiritual-Mindedness: A Reflection on Reformed Spirituality - Derek Thomas
   12. The Spirit of God in the People of God: A Celtic Spirituality - Iain D. Campbell
Part IV: Ministry and the Spirit of Counsel and Might
   13. The Holy Spirit and the Call to the Ministry of the Gospel - Stephen Turner
   14. The Empowering Work of the Holy Spirit - Conrad Mbewe
   15. The Supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ and Apostolic Ministry - Austin Walker
   16. An Elizabethan Cameo: The Ministry of Edward Dering - Robert Oliver
   17. Passion and the Spirit's Sovereignty in the Thinking and Evangelistic Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones - Gary Benfold

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 236
Author: Beeke & Thomas: editors
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Publication Date: 2013