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The Beauty and Glory of the Holy Spirit
Beeke, Joel R: editor

The Beauty and Glory of the Holy Spirit

ISBN: 9781601781840
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Book Description:

The essays in The Beauty and Glory of the Holy Spirit both exalt and revel in the third person of the Trinity. Through an assortment of studies - categorized according to their biblical, doctrinal, historical, or pastoral focus - this book sets before readers the inestimable ministry of the blessed Holy Spirit.

Contributors include David Murray, Geoffrey Thomas, John Thackway, Malcolm Watts, Gerald Bilkes, Michael Barrett, John Carrick, George Knight, Morton Smith, Ian Hamilton, William Shishko, William VanDoodewaard, Joel R. Beeke, Joseph Morecraft, Ryan McGraw, and Joseph Pipa.

Biblical Studies
   1. The Greatest Revival in the Old Testament - David Murray
   2. The Father's Gift of the Holy Spirit - Geoffrey Thomas
   3. How the Holy Spirit is 'another Comforter' - John Thackway
   4. The Ministry of the Spirit in Glorifying Christ - Malcolm Watts
   5. Precursors to Pentecost - Gerald Bilkes
   6. The Outpouring of the Spirit: Anticipated, Fulfilled, Available - Michael Barrett
   7. Spirit and Revival - John Carrick
   8. Cessation of the Gifts - George Knight
   9. The Supply of the Spirit of Jesus - John Thackway
Doctrinal Studies
   10. Person of the Holy Spirit - Morton Smith
   11. The Love of the Spirit - Geoffrey Thomas
   12. Regeneration & Conversion - Ian Hamilton
   13. Sanctification - Ian Hamilton
   14. Witness & Seal of the Spirit - William Shishko
   15. The Ordinary and Extraordinary Witness of the Spirit - Malcolm Watts
Historical Theological Studies
   16. The Holy Spirit in the Early Church - William VanDoodewaard
   17. Richard Sibbes on Entertaining the Holy Spirit - Joel R. Beeke
   18. Westminster Standards & the Spirit - Joseph Morecraft
   19. John Owen on the Spirit - Ryan McGraw
Pastoral Study
   20. Spirit & Preaching - Joseph Pipa
   21. KJV Text, Translation, and Tradition - Michael Barrett

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 345
Author: Beeke, Joel R: editor
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Publication Date: 2012