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Classics of Reformed Spirituality - The Duties of Parents
Koelman, Jacobus

Classics of Reformed Spirituality - The Duties of Parents

ISBN: 9781601780607
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Book Description:

The Duties of Parents is the best known-known work of Dutch Further reformation leader Jacobus Koelman. Outlining 282 guidelines for Christian parenting, Koelman emphasizes the need for loving, thoughtful discipline and urges parents to tell their children that the purpose of punishment is their eternal well-being. He describes the need for good schools and teachers and encourages the latter to realize their great responsibility.

The Duties of Parents gives readers an important glimpse of the theological and practical concerns of the developing Protestant tradition. Practical application abounds for raising children today as well.

Table of Contents:
1. Rules for Expectant Parents
2. Teaching the Little Ones
3. Instructions on Teaching Children from Their Sixth to Their Twelfth Year
4. Teaching the Virtues of Godliness
5. Teaching Victroy over Particualr Sins
6. Teaching Children How to Pray
7. Teaching Godliness by Conversation
8. Rules for Living a True Faith
9. Additional Rules for Teaching Godliness
10. Rules for the Physical and Material Well-being of Children

Series Description:  Classics of Reformed Spirituality Series offers fresh translations of key writings from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, making them accessible to the twenty-first century church. These writings from the "Further Reformation" in the Netherlands offer a balance of doctrine and piety, a mingling of theology and life that has seldom been equaled in the history of Christianity. Each book in this series will provide invaluable insights into a vibrant part of the Christian heritage.


Jacobus Koelman (1632-1695) was one of the most outspoken and influential leaders of the Dutch Further Reformation.


"Many will surely welcome this new access to the Dutch authors whose strong writings put faith and certainty into generations of their fellow countrymen. By their closeness to Scripture and their concern for heart and head (heat and light), they remain of enduring value." - Ian H. Murray, author of The Puritan Hope.

"The rich heritage of Reformed spirituality is long overdue for renewed attention. the Dutch Reformed Translation Society has done a great favor by making these translations available." - Luder G Whitlock Jr, president, Excelsis

"I am delighted that the Dutch Reformed Translation Society is at last making this material available in the English language. It is a landmark feature of our Reformed heritage, and it is rich food for the soul in this or any other age." - J. I. Packer, Regent College

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 176
Author: Koelman, Jacobus
Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
Publication Date: 2009