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Family Worship for the Reformation Season
Rhodes, Ray

Family Worship for the Reformation Season

ISBN: 9781599251899
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Imagine leading your family in daily worship in the home, reading the Scriptures, singing and praying, but simultaneously introducing them to the history, leading figures, and theology of the great sixteenth-century Reformation - all this in a fresh and interesting way, in just abouta quarter of an hour each day. That would be great, you say,but it would take me hours and days to put that together. I could never do it. Well, Ray Rhodes has done it for you in Family Worship for the Reformation Season. Use this book with joy. It will inspire, inform, and instruct you and your family. The studie sare simple but meaty. The Scripture passages are helpfully chosen. And most of the lessons can be completed in fifteen minutes. Employ and be edified!
--Ligon Duncan

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 123
Author: Rhodes, Ray
Publisher: Solid Ground Christian Books
Publication Date: 2008