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A Long Line of Godly Men - Pillars of Grace: AD 100 - 1564
Lawson, Steven J.

A Long Line of Godly Men - Pillars of Grace: AD 100 - 1564

ISBN: 9781567696882
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Book Description:

The doctrines of grace are often known as the five points of Calvinism, but they were not the invention of John Calvin or his reforming cohorts of the sixteenth century. Rather, they are biblical doctrines, as Dr. Steven J. Lawson demonstrated in his book Foundations of Grace (2006).

Now, in Pillars of Grace, Dr. Lawson shows that the doctrines of grace have been understood and taught-sometimes in embryonic form, sometimes with great clarity-throughout church history. From the time of the early church fathers to the years of the Reformers, there have been key men in the church, pillars as it were, who stood on the foundation of Scripture and upheld the truth of God's sovereign role in salvation.

In Pillars of Grace, Dr. Lawson walks readers through the ups and downs of church history, profiling these voices for the truth. The inescapable conclusion is that the doctrines of grace are no innovation, but the consistent witness of some of the greatest men of the church.

Table of Contents:
1. Pillars of Sovereign Grace - From Church Fathers to Protestant Reformers 2. First Among the Fathers - Apostolic Father: Clement of Rome 3. God-Bearer - Apostolic Father: Ignatius of Antioch 4. Defender of the Faith - Apologist Father: Justin Martyr 5. Opposing Gnosticism - Apologist Father: Irenaeus of Lyons 6. Father of Latin Theology - African Father: Tertullian of Carthage 7. Master of Rhetoric - African Father: Cyprian of Carthage 8. Against the World - African Father: Athanasius of Alexandria 9. Resisting Arianism - Cappadocian Father: Basil of Caesarea 10. Expositor of the Trinity - Cappadocian Father: Gregory of Nazianzus 11. Imperial Conscience - Latin Father: Ambrose of Milan 12. Guardian of Grace - Latin Father: Augustine of Hippo 13. Spanish Scholar - Early Monastic: Isidore of Seville 14. Champion for Predestination - Early Monastic: Gottschalk of Orbais 15. Philosopher-Theologian - English Scholastic: Anselm of Canterbury 16. Monastic Reformer - Latter Monastic: Bernard of Clairvaux 17. Doctor Profundus - English Scholastic: Thomas BRadwardine 18. Morning Star of the Reformation - English Pre-Reformer: John Wycliffe 19. Fiery Forerunner - Bohemian Pre-Reformer: John Hus 20. Fortress for Truth - German Reformer: Martin Luther 21. Zurich Revolutionary - Swiss Reformer: Ulrich Zwingli 22. Prince of Translators - English Reformer: William Tyndale 23. Covenant Theologian - Swiss Reformer: Heinrich Bullinger 24. Theologian for the Ages - Swiss Reformer: John Calvin


"Reading Steven Lawson's Pillars of Grace is like taking a helicopter tour of a mountain range-a breathtaking survey of a series of majestic peaks all pointing upward to heaven. Each chapter offers an informative, fascinating, and accessible look at a significant teacher of God's glorious grace, from Clementto Calvin. Read this book and discover that to be Christian and Reformed is to be rooted in the church through the ages."-Joel R. Beeke

"Thank you, Dr. Lawson, for your labors in pulling together this rich treasury of biblical teaching on the doctrines of grace over the centuries from faithful men whom Christ appointed and the Spirit endowed for the building up of the saints for the work of service. We are your grateful deports." - Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III

"In this important book, Dr. Lawson has documented the teachings of many of the most important theologians, churchmen, and Christian thinkers of these centuries, showing that these men did indeed have much to say about God's saving grace - and much that will be of great encouragement to evangelical today." - Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 483
Author: Lawson, Steven J.
Publisher: Reformation Trust
Publication Date: 2011