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The Next Great Awakening
Slachter, Terry D.

The Next Great Awakening

ISBN: 9780988420243
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Book Description:

Could another “Great Awakening” happen in the 21st century?

Author Terry Slachter challenges today’s Church to keep praying for a spiritual revival today in this 41-day devotional that explores the history of the Second Great Awakening. Slachter asks this question: “If God was able to breathe new life into the dying churches of the 18th and 19th centuries. . . why should we doubt His ability to do it again in our century?” Each day ends with questions for reflection and an appropriate scripture reading. A perfect tool to form prayer groups and keep them fervently praying.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 202
Author: Slachter, Terry D.
Publisher: Project Phillip Pub.
Publication Date: 2014