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The Fear of God: A Forgotten Doctrine
Frank, Arnold L.

The Fear of God: A Forgotten Doctrine

ISBN: 9780979673658
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Book Description:

Dr. Frank sets out to revitalize a doctrine that in times past - from the Biblical era to the founding of America - has empowered and emboldened Christians to lead lives that distinguished them among their peers as godly, and productive.

Early on Frank includes helpful definitions of the Fear of God found in Puritan writings. The first discovery of the Fear of God is found to be in Heaven. There the fear was not a fear of dread or terror but of a worshipful demonstration that is of the very nature of the Fear of God. The Fear of God is expected from all beings made in God's image.

The central portion of the book describes the fears that people have in their spiritual search. Those fears are variously identified as exclusively ungodly fear, as provisionally godly fear, and as perpetually godly fear. A misplaced fear is described and known as the fear of man. Most everyone has this fear to a greater or lesser degree.

The final chapter of the book is largely dedicated to Christian preachers. Practical guidance is given on the preaching of the fear of God. The appendix has a Puritan sermon that would be helpful in these matters.

This second edition also includes Study Questions and a new Scripture Index!


"The Biblical concept of the fear of God is too often marginalized or ignored by the Christian church and its preachers today. The result is shallow views of sin, easy belief, and antinomianism. With the aid of Puritan preachers, Arnold Frank sounds a clarion call for a Biblical and sure approach to the fear of God. He accomplishes this by distinguishing between ungodly fear and godly fear, the fear of man and the fear of God, spiritual awakening and saving faith, slavish fear and childlike fear, and the "almost Christian" and the genuine Christian. He also explains how childlike fear of God sanctifies affliction; relates to faith and love and worship; and operates experientially in conviction of sin, salvation, and obedience. Frank concludes this much-needed book by providing practical guidelines on how to promote the fear of God through preaching." - Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"The Fear of God: A Forgotten Doctrine is a labor of love: love for this precious doctrine of holy fear, love for those Puritans who lived it in a more compelling way than any who came before or after, love for God's people today who walk in shadows because the fear of man is too much with us, and love for the Word rightly preached, which is able to bring the Church back to an attitude of holy fear. Above all, this book is the fruit of filial love for our Savior Jesus Christ, who alone is able to deliver us from all unholy fears and bring us to a place of trusting all His promises to us. If you would face unholy fears head-on, this book will make you strong for the battle. If you long for reformation in the way the Church worships, begin with the wise counsel you will find here." - Linda Wohleber, Christian wife, mother, Bible teacher

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 210
Author: Frank, Arnold L.
Publisher: Nordskog Publishing
Publication Date: 2008