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Jehovah-Jireh: A Treatise on Providence
Plumer, William S.

Jehovah-Jireh: A Treatise on Providence

ISBN: 9780873771863
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Book Description:

Table of Contents:
I. Providence Asserted
II. Providence Defined
III. God's Providence Results From His Nature - It Is Holy, Just, Benevolent, Wise, Supreme and Sovereign, Sure and Stable, Powerful and Irresistible
IV. God's Works Of Providence are Vast
V. Practical Remarks On Chapters III and IV
VI. God's Providence Is Retributive
VII. Some Explanation Of The Delays Of Providence In Punishing The Wicked. How Divine Forbearance Should Be Regarded; And How It May Be Abused.
VIII. Several Principles Of The Doctrine Of Providence Over Bad Men, Illustrated In The Life And End Of Judas Iscariot
IX. God's Providence Is Often Mysterious
X. Mysteries Of Providence. - Continued
XI. Practical remarks On Chapters IX And X
XII. The Special Kindness Of Providence Towards Good Men
XIII. The Special Kindness Of Providence Good Men. - Continued
XIV. Practical Remarks On Chapters XII and XIII
XV. Alternate Light And Darkness In Providence, Illustrated In The Case Of The Great Man of Uz
XVI. God's Providence Towards His Church Renders Unnecessary All Tormenting Fears Respecting Her Safety And Final Triumph
XVII. God's Providence Over Nations
XVIII. Providence Punishes Nations For Their Sins


William Swan Plumer (1802-80) was a minister, author, and theological professor. Plumer was a prolific author and active churchman. His published works include commentaries, biblical studies, articles, essays, sermons, and a volume on pastoral theology. His writings, while profoundly theological in nature, are very practical in focus. His books represent a high point in the theological-devotional literature produced of nineteenth century American Presbyterianism.

Additional Information:

Cover: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 233
Author: Plumer, William S.
Publisher: Sprinkle Publications
Publication Date: 1997