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Hit By Friendly Fire
Milton, Michael A.

Hit By Friendly Fire

ISBN: 9780852347768
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Christians expect to be troubled by the unbelieving world - but not by their brothers and sisters in the church. Unfortunately, often the case is the reverse. In this book, Michael Milton brings us back to Scripture, to the experiences of Joseph and Paul, and demonstrates that it is possible to move from being a victim to being a victor, even when Christian bonds make the wounds all the deeper. Full of personal and pastoral wisdom, this little book will help many believers face a trauma all too common in the Christian church, yet all too seldom addressed in the literature.  --Iain D. Campbell, Free Church of Scotland, Isle of Lewis


Dr. Michael A. Milton is president of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC where he also serves as professor of practical theology. Dr. Milton is a commissioned officer in the US Army Reserve and serves as a chaplain in the Chief of Chaplains Office in Washington, DC. He was a former top secret linguist for the US Navy and an executive in two Fortune 500 companies.

Additional Information:

Cover: Softcover
Number of Pages: 91
Author: Milton, Michael A.
Publisher: EP Books
Publication Date: 2011