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CD: Melody of Psalms
Knevel, Andre & Liselotte Rokyta

CD: Melody of Psalms

ISBN: 8716114140724
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Product Description:

Liselotte Rokyta: panflute
Andre Knevel: organ

Organ - Fantasie on Psalm 138:1
Organ/Panflute - Cantabile Psalm 27:1
Organ/Panflute - Aria on Dutch Hymn 'God in de hoog alleen zij eer'
Organ - Fantasia on 'A Mighty Fortress is our God'
Organ/Panflute - Meditation on Dutch Hymn 'Hoort gij die stemme?'
Organ/Panflute - Trio/choral on Dutch hymn 'Beveel gerust uw wegen'
Organ/Panflute - aria on Dutch hymn 'Neem Heer mijn beide handen'
Organ/Panflute - Fantasia on Dutch hymn 'Wie maar den Goede God laat zorgen'
Organ - Fantasia-Toccato on Dutch hymn 'Wat God
Organ/Panflute - Aria and choral Psalm 79:4
Organ - Fantasia on Dutch Hymn 'Ere zij aan God de Vader'

Additional Information:

Cover: CD
Author: Knevel, Andre & Liselotte Rokyta
Publisher: STH Records