Tallach, Isobel

The Life of Jesus for the very young



The Life of Jesus for the very young
Book Description:

Children who have only recently entered the world of words are chiefly concerned about one question- What do these words mean?
Isobel Tallach found that, while many secular books got down to the level of very young children, few Christian books did so. That is the main reason why she began to write what her 3 year old son came to call: 'The book Mummy's writing for David- and for Irene when she's a bit bigger.'

This book outlines the life of Jesus, including some of this miracles and parables. Here, for the very young is the thrill of hearing the gospel told in words they can understand.  The stories are beautifully illustrated, but there are no pictures of Jesus.

Additional Information:

Number of Pages:32
Publisher:Banner of Truth Trust
Publication Date:1998