Belcher, Richard P.

A Journey in Inspiration



A Journey in Inspiration
Book Description:

After several years without a theological pursuit, Pastor Ira Pointer sets off to seminary, only to find himself enmeshed once again in unique circumstances, which force him to define and defend his convictions concerning the nature of the inspiration of the Bible. In the unfolding of the plot, surprises confront him from the first day of class, to the solving of the mystery of the identity of "the strawman," while his convictions are built and strengthened towards the defending of the faith. ,p.This book, which is the fifth of the "Journey" series, not only teaches theology through a griping story, but also sets forth the need to stand for truth in a biblical and Christlike manner. And it adds understanding to the controversy which raged and still rages over the nature of the Bible in the decades of this twentieth century.

Additional Information:

Number of Pages:165
Publisher:Richbarry Press
Publication Date:1998