Belcher, Richard P.

A Journey in Faith



A Journey in Faith

Book Description:

All Christians believe God is omnipotent, don't they?! But how "real" is this truth to our lives when we face difficulties and trials? Does our faith crumble when the enemy assaults? Or do we cast ourselves in faith on our God? The theme of this volume of the "Journey" series is Faith.

Professor Ira Pointer seeks to find out why a beloved pastor of 43 years in a small town mountain setting, has been eliminated from all historical records in the church and community where he served. As they pursue this mystery, they find a hostile community, which brings them face to face with a threatening situation themselves, which tests their own faith. As usual, Belcher is all at once captivating and instructive!

Additional Information:

Number of Pages:187
Publisher:Richbarry Press
Publication Date:2006