Belcher, Richard P.

A Journey in Evangelism and Missions



A Journey in Evangelism and Missions

Book Description:

Does Calvinism kill evangelism and missions?

That is the question Dr. Ira Pointer is faced with in this book.

Dr. Jameson, the pastor who makes the above accusation, invites Ira on a missionary trip with him and urges him to bring others with him. The missionary team becomes a group of five Calvinists and two non-Calvinists.

Come take a missionary journey in truth, as Ira and his missionary-minded brothers give clear evidence by word and practice that Calvinism does not kill evangelism and missions!


Richard Belcher is the Professor of Old Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina.
Dr Belcher has been in active ministry since the early fifties. He has pastored, and taught. He is the author of a number of books in the field of bible Study, theology, language and biography as well as this series of theological novels.

Additional Information:

Number of Pages:184
Publisher:Richbarry Press
Publication Date:2007