Flavel, John

(Impure) Lust [Pocket Puritan]



(Impure) Lust [Pocket Puritan]
Book Description:

This is the continuing story of Ira Pointer, as he faces another theological pursuit, as it invades his new church. As he assumes the government of a church should be congregational , a jolting experience challenges him to consider the possibility that the New Testament teaches elder leadership.

As related by this young pastor, he faces many questions: What is an elder? What is an elder-led church? What is the authority of an elder? What is a pastor/teacher and how does he relate to the elders? What is a deacon and what are his duties? What is the church's obligation to the elders? Are the elders answerable only to God, or should there be accountability of the elders before the congregation? Could elder leadership have dangers even as congregational rule has proven to have dangers? What are these dangers? The search for these answers (like the previous novels) is set in the context of an intriguing story, this time a mystery, which threatens the life of Ira and some of his people.

Additional Information:

Cover:Softcover - mini
Number of Pages:80
Publisher:Banner of Truth Trust
Publication Date:2008